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If you would like to become a certified addiction counselor or a licensed professional counselor, you will need to gain the necessary certifications and licensure that are required in your state. Certified addiction counselors are mental health professionals who offer support and counseling services to addicts and recovering alcoholics. Their work may happen in many different settings and may be conducted through group and private sessions. Licensed professional counselors help people who suffer from a variety of different mental health issues through group and individual counseling sessions. Both types of counseling work are vital for the health and wellness of people as well as the greater community. Personal Evolution is able to offer guidance to people who want to become licensed professional counselors or certified drug counselors through clinical supervision, continuing education, consultations and more. You will first need to complete the required education, which may include a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in counseling as well as certification or licensure in the field.

Official Clinical Supervision in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

In order to gain certification or licensure as a counselor, you will first need to complete a specified number of clinical hours while under clinical supervision. Personal Evolution is able to offer official clinical supervision for CADC and LCADC candidates in New Jersey and for LAC and LPC candidates in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Clinical consultation

The experts at Personal Evolution also offer clinical consultation services to existing counseling centers as well as to people who are preparing to establish them. We can evaluate your programs and help you to identify areas that need improvement. We can also help you to get started from the ground up with thorough program planning.

Continuing education credit courses

Certified and licensed professionals must complete a certain number of continuing education credits each year in order to maintain their certifications and licenses. With continuing education, you can also continue developing as a professional in the field. Personal Evolution offers a variety of different continuing education courses so that you can get the credits that you need and continue to grow in your knowledge of the field.

Mentorship and assistance with credentialing processes

Applying for your credentials is an involved process. Personal Evolution offers mentorship services and helps with the credentialing processes to people who want to become professional addiction and mental health counselors. We can help you throughout the process to help you to complete all of the requirements and to submit your forms correctly.

Implementation and training of evidence-based clinical assessment and treatment modalities

Personal Evolution is also able to help counselors to implement clinical assessment and treatment modalities. We can also train you in the types of assessments and treatments that are evidence-based. This can help you to stay current so that you are offering your patients the latest and most effective therapeutic approaches.

Becoming a professional addiction or mental health counselor is a laudable goal. There are many steps involved, and Personal Evolution has the expertise to guide you along the way. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about the help that we can offer.

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