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Personal Evolution Offers Psychotherapy and Supportive Counseling In The Following Areas

Areas of Focus & Specialty

Depression and other mood disorders

Anxiety disorders

Chemical addictions

Food addictions

Lifestyle coaching

LGBTQ issues

Self-image issues

Obsessive-compulsive behaviors

Women′s health issues

Relationship struggles

Life transitions

Sleep problems & other lifestyle habits/issues

Anger management & emotional expression

Conflict resolution & health communication skills


Stress management

Physical health disorders counseling

Overall health and wellness

Food-mood connection

Nutritional medicine

Therapy with Personal Evolution

“We must live a life of health if we are to be effective healers.” – Kat Glick

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Coaching is usually appropriate when someone is already functioning well and needs support, encouragement, and accountability to achieve greater heights and goals. Counseling is most often used when someone has encountered a problem or an area of their life that requires improvement in order for the person to feel better.

In-person appointments available for New Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Online and Teletherapy appointments also offered.

Absolutely. Our counselors and coaches actively collaborate with all healthcare professionals involved in an individual’s case in order to ensure continuity and quality of care.

Cash, check, Paypal, credit card. Invoices provided for out-of-network benefits. Sliding scale fee available for those who qualify.


NYC, Philadelphia Area &
Central and South NJ


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