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If you are consumed by worry, feel overwhelmed, suffer from insomnia or have fears that are disproportionate to your situation, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, making it the most commonly occurring mood disorder in the U.S.

Fortunately, with the right therapeutic treatment, you can conquer your fears and move past the anxiety. Our anxiety therapists at Personal Evolution LLC take a person-centered, holistic approach to help people who are suffering from anxiety to become whole again so that they can achieve personal growth and happiness.

What is anxiety?

While some people may think of anxiety as being similar to or the same as stress, anxiety involves much more. Anxiety symptoms include persistent, intense and overwhelming fears and worries about different aspects of day-to-day life.

The anxiety symptoms may be debilitating, harming your ability to enjoy life and to function normally. Fortunately, anxiety counseling can help you to overcome your anxiety so that you can enjoy life again.

The various forms of anxiety

Anxiety may take several forms. The different anxiety disorders include the following:

Generalized anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder

Panic disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder


Separation anxiety

Post-traumatic stress disorder


Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by a persistent and general feeling of anxiety across all situations. Individuals who have social anxiety disorder feel anxious in social situations and may try to avoid them completely. Those with panic disorder may experience panic attacks, which are described more fully below.

Individuals who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder experience persistent and unpleasant thoughts along with compulsions to do certain things repeatedly such as handwashing. Those who have agoraphobia have fears of open spaces or of specific situations. Post-traumatic stress disorder may occur after someone goes through a traumatic event. There are a variety of different phobias, which involve fears that are disproportionate to specific things situations.

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks are intense episodes of anxiety that strike suddenly. During a panic attack, you will likely feel intense fear, have heart palpitations, sweat profusely, have trouble breathing and experience hot flashes.

Some people who have panic attacks believe that they have a medical problem and think that they might die. It is common to also develop anxiety about the possibility of having another panic attack in the future after you have experienced one.

How we can help with anxiety disorders

At Personal Evolution LLC, we are strong believers in helping people to uncover underlying causes of their anxiety through anxiety counseling so that they can begin to heal. By taking a holistic approach and using mindfulness, We can help you to learn and implement strategies to lessen fears that are unrealistic.

We also help you to learn to accept yourself and to worry less about other people and the future. By helping you to identify what is at the root of your anxiety, we work to help you develop a treatment plan that can help you to conquer your fears. To schedule your appointment with an anxiety therapist at Personal Evolution LLC today, call 215.469.1155

Therapy with Personal Evolution

“We must live a life of health if we are to be effective healers.” – Kat Glick

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