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When you or a loved one are suffering from a chronic illness, it can have negative effects on your emotional health as well as the well-being of your family members. Chronic diseases can be very emotionally difficult for people who suffer from them. You may find it hard to make it through the day and feel a sense of hopelessness in the face of your condition. You and your family members may also experience substantial stress surrounding your chronic illness. At Personal Evolution LLC, we have experience with helping people to deal with chronic conditions so that they can enjoy happier lives despite the illnesses from which they suffer.

Understanding Chronic Illnesses

Chronic diseases may begin at any stage of life. Some of these conditions present obvious disabilities while others may present disabilities that are hidden from ready view. They vary in their symptoms, treatment and prognosis, but all present challenges to people facing them and their families.

Some common chronic diseases include the following:

Metabolic Syndrome
Digestive issues
Mental health issues related to physical conditions
Chronic Pain

There are many other chronic conditions that people face. If you are suffering from one, it is possible for you to get help so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Psychological Effects of Chronic Illnesses

When a person suffers from a condition that is chronic in nature, he or she may experience a variety of psychological effects. You may experience feelings of loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, fear, embarrassment and depression. Counseling can help you to learn to live with your condition and to move beyond the negative psychological impacts it has had on your life.

How can chronic illnesses affect the family?

When a loved one has a condition that is chronic, his or her family may also be deeply affected. They may feel stress and be overwhelmed with dealing with their family member’s illness. Family members may be anxious, worried and concerned. They might also experience financial hardships surrounding the illness of their loved one. Counseling services are helpful to the family members of people who have conditions that are chronic.

Coping Strategies for Transcending Chronic Illness

An illness can be transcended by learning and employing good coping strategies. Your therapist will work with you to help you think through how the illness has affected you and to evaluate the options that you have. We will help you to identify the strategies that can help to put you on the road to renewal. Among our services, we offer the following to people and families who are dealing with ongoing illnesses:

Advocacy & coordination with medical providers
Referrals & linkage to medical & holistic professionals
Physical healthcare counseling
Medication education
Behavioral change counseling
Clinical nutritional education & counseling
Disordered eating counseling
Vitamin/mineral/drug supplement education

Your life is meant to be enjoyed, and you should allow yourself to feel happy again despite your illness. Contact Personal Evolution LLC today at 215.469.1155 so we can help you get started on your path to a more fulfilling life.

**We welcome any questions regarding what conditions we are able to treat, our experiences overcoming challenges, and what methods we practice to reach effective and manageable solutions for our clients.**

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