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“A relative state in which one is able to function physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually in order to express the full range of one’s unique potentialities within the environment in which one is living.”

At Personal Evolution, we recognize that health is much more than the absence of disease or the treatment of a symptom. The holistic approach views the body, mind & spirit as interconnected entities and promotes healing from within those systems.

As Health Coaches at Personal Evolution, LLC, we strive to bring awareness to the importance and benefits of preventative care. We incorporate health coaching and personal counseling as vital aspects of helping you to implement healthy lifestyle changes into your everyday life. Our ultimate goal is to help you improve and enhance your health on a biological, psychological, social and spiritual level.

Achieving health means much more than simply treating symptoms or being free from disease. From a holistic stance, health is a state of social, mental, physical and spiritual wellness so that you can realize your full potential in your unique environment. At Personal Evolution LLC, we understand that health encompasses all areas of human functioning, and we approach every client holistically. We believe that your spirit, body and mind are connected and that true healing can come by addressing all three areas.

What is a holistic healing coach?

At Personal Evolution LLC, our holistic healing coaches help you to understand the benefits and importance of preventative care. We blend personal counseling and health coaching together in order to help you implement the healthy lifestyle changes that can help you to enjoy a more rewarding life. Our primary goal is to help each client to enhance his or her health spiritually, socially, psychologically and physically. Your holistic healing coach will work with you to evaluate all of the aspects of your life in order to help you to identify needed changes and to work towards them.

Does health coaching actually work?

Research has shown that health coaching works. By having a one-on-one holistic healing coach, you will be better able to address all of the various factors that play into the lifestyle and health choices that you make. It is often easier for a trained person who is outside to identify areas in which you may need improvement. This can help you to prevent the development of a variety of different medical, psychological and emotional problems.

Benefits of a holistic healing coach

When you have a holistic healing coach, you can derive numerous benefits. At Personal Evolution LLC, we help people to achieve healthy lifestyles, lasting weight loss, improvements in the psychological effects of chronic conditions, stronger minds and bodies and happier lives.

What customized wellness programs include

When you come to Personal Evolution, we will help you to develop a wellness plan that is individualized for your particular needs. It is a plan that is geared towards you achieving optimal levels of wellness and health by taking into account all of the various facets of your lifestyle and health. Your plan will address the challenges that you might encounter along the way. Your customized wellness program will help you with the following:

Learn how to eat in health-benefiting ways, based on your bioindividuality.

Develop a strong sense of mind-body well being.

Learn and incorporate stress management techniques into everyday life.

Create a balanced physical, mental and emotional lifestyle that promotes your health.

Develop inner peace by addressing emotional barriers to personal growth.

Therapy with Personal Evolution

“We must live a life of health if we are to be effective healers.” – Kat Glick

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Coaching is usually appropriate when someone is already functioning well and needs support, encouragement, and accountability to achieve greater heights and goals. Counseling is most often used when someone has encountered a problem or an area of their life that requires improvement in order for the person to feel better.

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Absolutely. Our counselors and coaches actively collaborate with all healthcare professionals involved in an individual’s case in order to ensure continuity and quality of care.


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