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Women today are much more focused on wellness and health than they were in the past.

This includes being mindful of what they eat, the stress that they deal with and how other factors impact how they feel. Whether you are dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that can happen with PMS, food craving and bingeing issues, weight problems, body image issues, or anxiety or depression, taking preventative measures to help to improve your health is the key for you to attain wellness and to live a richer life.

Understanding women’s health issues

A good approach to women’s health should be holistic in nature. Health and wellness for women aren’t solely about dealing with PMS and reproductive issues.

According to research, an increasing number of women suffer from the following women’s health issues:



At risk for Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke

Being overweight

Appetite changes

Sleep changes

Feeling fatigued

Problems concentrating

Feeling worthless

Suicidal thoughts

By implementing holistic health strategies such as vitamin and mineral supplementation, a healthy diet and other lifestyle adjustments, women can effectively address the health and wellness problems that they face.

Women and mental health: Women’s issues in mental health care today

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women are more likely than men to suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. Women may face greater pressure than men to be successful at both work and at home.

Women may be likelier to have negative impacts on their mental health that are caused by gender stereotypes, biological factors and sociocultural factors. The physical health of women and mental health issues should both be addressed in holistic treatment plans.

Women’s social and cultural issues

In addition to dealing with physical and mental health issues, women also face social and cultural issues. You may be dealing with relationship problems, including domestic violence. You may also be struggling with finances and to pay your bills. Cultural stereotypes may have left you with body image issues.

At Personal Evolution, we work together with you in order to help you to find balance, get in shape and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We will help you to identify and address your health concerns and will help to create a customized treatment plan that is individualized for you. We understand the symptoms of depression in women as well as the many other types of problems that women can face. We will help you to start feeling better on both the inside and on the outside. We will help you by providing information, encouragement, counseling and support as you embark on your journey to optimal health. Whatever your goals may be, we can help you to accomplish them.

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Therapy with Personal Evolution

“We must live a life of health if we are to be effective healers.” – Kat Glick

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